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11 Coffee Shops to Visit in Portland

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

We’ve talked about Portland’s unbeatable food and beer culture before, but we haven’t discussed our city’s coffee. Oregonians have a true passion for coffee and here in Portland you can sample flavors from all over the world. With many exclusive roasters and small cafés, we stay caffeinated with some unique blends and concoctions.

This tradition recently led to an excellent representation in the US Coffee Championships, where Portland took the 1st prize in the barista championship (Morgan Eckroth) and landed 5th place in the coffee roaster championship (Andrew Coe). Morgan is already a local celebrity taking our coffee culture to the rest of the world in videos where she talks about her life as a barista to her 7 million followers. You’ll find these championship winners at some of the coffee shops listed below, but most importantly, you’ll find amazing places that will have you ditching the big chains and supporting our local shops.

Some of the Best Coffee Shops to Visit in Portland

Cathedral Coffee Small-batch coffee roasting company serving specialty coffee and house-made baked goods in a friendly atmosphere.

Keeper Coffee Offering Coava coffee, Aesthete Tea, Mizuba Matcha, One Stripe Chai, and housemade pastries.

Roseline Coffee Creating meaningful relationships with producers, importers and community to curate the highest quality coffee experience possible.

Good Coffee Making coffee to connect with others.

Prince Coffee Multi-roaster cafe specializing in making excellent coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and their famous stroopwafels from their permanent space in the Beaumont neighborhood.

Stumptown Coffee Working with some of the most dedicated, innovative, and conscientious coffee producers in the world hoping to transport you with a cup of coffee.

Proud Mary Café Dedicated to bringing you the nation’s best options for freshly roasted coffee.

Either/Or A coffee house working to bring a whole new level of creativity to Portland coffee. Especially known for their chai.

Caffé Umbria Fresh roasted coffee blends and single origin coffees roasted by Master Roaster Emanuele Bizzarri.

Elevator Coffee One of the best roasters in Oregon, roasting single-origin coffees as well as produce blends to order.

Nossa Familia Portland, Oregon-based roaster that was founded in 2004 by Brazilian native Augusto Carneiro. Focus on bringing you exceptional coffee stemming from exceptional relationships.


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