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15 Restaurants You Don't Want to Miss in Portland

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Portland is no doubt a city for nature lovers, but it is also multicultural and multifaceted, and that can especially be appreciated in our food scene. From traditional Italian restaurants, vegan Asian cuisine, unique combinations of flavors for desserts, and a brilliant street food scene, you'll find many flavors with an original twist that you can also accompany with some of the finest beer on Earth.

Now, everyone's list is always a bit different when it comes to restaurants, but here are a few suggestions for a great dining experience in Portland.

Delicious churros served with coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Enjoy the best pizza in Portland.

Italian-inspired classics, local wines, and a really good time.

Progressive fine dining.

Portland's original wing joint.

Plant-based dinner party in Portland.

Brewery that provides beer drinkers with new and unusual beer styles.

BrewPub Movie Theater.

Enjoy learning about the world of spirits through tastings, cocktail classes & field trips.

Khao Man Gai means Chicken & Rice. It’s flavorful and well-balanced, served with Nong’s signature sauce and a side of soup.

Vegan pan-Asian cuisine including Dim Sum and rare Oolong teas.

Some of the best burgers in Portland.

A restaurant centered around the quest for the perfect, buttery, flaky, homemade biscuit.

The best Detroit-style pizza you'll find.

Gourmet donuts with fresh herbs, spices, fruits, and liquors in unique combinations.


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