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7 Breweries You Can't Miss When You Visit Portland

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

If you’re going to Portland soon you're probably planning to visit some of our breweries. After all, we are known as the land of IPAs and have some of the world’s finest breweries in our city! Good beer is as much in our culture as good cuisine. Of course, it can get a bit hard to decide if you consider that we have more breweries than any other city in the country, with new amazing beer pubs and brewery tours opening up every day.

So today we bring you our choice for seven of the best breweries that you definitely can’t miss.

Little Beast Brewing - family-owned brewery with a passion for uniqueness.

Cascade - a pioneer in the sour beer renaissance.

Level Beer - subtle, balanced, and traditional beers, with a healthy mix of New World ales and lagers thrown in for good measure.

Upright Brewing - small-batch beers crafted with character.

Hair of the Dog - providing beer drinkers with new and unusual beer styles.

Ex Novo Brewing Company - brewing great beer and using their platform for good.

Occidental Brewing Company - making well-balanced continental-style beers in the land of IPAs: Portland, Oregon.

Honorable mention: Loyal Legion

This Oregon beer hall brew-pub model has an honorable mention in our list because, although they don't brew their own beer, they feature over 100 beers from Oregon breweries. A good option for anyone that wants to try some of the options available in our city.

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