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Summer Home Maintenance: The Deck

As Oregonians, we love our decks! As real estate brokers, we love our clients! So let's talk about one of the most expensive parts of your home should it need replacing. If you are thinking about selling, you should know that buyers will potentially ask for thousands in credit if your deck needs repair or replacing, especially if it is the main access point to your amazing backyard. Every year at the beginning of Summer do these easy tasks to keep it in top-notch shape:

  • Sweep it regularly to remove any loose debris. Sure we like a clean-looking deck, but this helps keep down corrosion too. You can even use a small putty knife or scraper to remove material caught in between the deck boards the broom doesn't get. Power washing also does this, but at the risk of removing the finish if you get too close.

  • Depending on your deck type (wood, composite or vinyl) you can apply a deck cleaner to remove moss, algae, and difficult to remove debris.

  • Check your deck to see if there are any boards that look like they’re rotting and have them replaced if necessary. It is much cheaper to do this over the years than all at once.

  • Hammer any nails that are loose and check if your deck needs to be resealed.

  • Remember that the warmer weather also brings insects and other critters, although this is more of a problem in the case of wood decks.

  • Apply a deck sealer every year.

If any of these tasks are too much for you to take on, or you'd rather be working in your garden beds, we have deck contractors and handymen that can do these things for you at very affordable rates. Call us for any of your home maintenance and repair needs and we can direct you to experienced and licensed professionals.


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