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Home Renovations to Avoid

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Thinking of making renovations around your home this year? If you’re planning to sell it in the future, then there’s a couple of things you should consider. Not all renovations add value to your home, which will be of particular interest when you‘re preparing to sell it. So here are some renovations that could not add, and actually hurt your home’s resale value.

DIY Repairs. Let’s start with the obvious. So much can go wrong when inexperienced homeowners decide to save money and handle a renovation themselves. On one side, it can be even more expensive in the end, if things go wrong (broken pipes or electricity cables) but also, if the results are less than professional, it may look fine to you but some potential homebuyers could notice it right away.

Over-personalized renovations. There are a lot of different types of renovations that fit into this category, but we’re mostly concerned about the ones that could cost a lot of money and will likely not add much value to your home, like quirky tiling, textures on the walls or ceiling, and too much wallpaper all over the house.

Wallpaper is making a comeback with tasteful and beautiful styles, but too much of it can still be overwhelming. Also, it is still a hassle to remove so potential buyers will take that into account. On the other end, updating the floors is normally an investment that will certainly add value to your home, but if you’re looking for a very specific look, like a 50s dinner floor, then not everyone will appreciate it.

Too Much Carpeting. No potential buyer nowadays wants to step into a house and see carpeting all over the place. Of course, it is the most popular choice for bedrooms but stick to hardwood and vinyl for the living room and dining room because they will increase the price of sale.

Expensive High-end Kitchen. Maybe you’ve seen the trend on social media glamorizing beautiful kitchens, showing a newly redesigned kitchen and saying something like “my life would be perfect if I could have this kitchen.” Beautiful kitchens do sell houses but don’t expect a high-end kitchen renovation to add too much value to the house. In fact, the resale value is usually less than what you invested, so try to focus on the most outdated aspects of your kitchen and maybe stick to mid-range appliances.

Swimming Pool or Hot tub. The addition of a pool could only increase a home’s value, right? Well… first of all, consider your space. Do you have enough space to add a swimming pool without it taking over the entire backyard? Buyers may prefer to have that space if they had a choice. Regarding the hot tubs, some potential buyers consider them as a safety hazard for kids. Both require constant maintenance, so be mindful that buyers may consider the cost is not worth it.

Garage conversion. This is another case for not over-personalizing when you do home renovations. Yes, maybe turning the garage into a gym or a guest room was better for you while you were living there, but when it comes to selling your home consider that most homeowners would probably prefer to have the garage.

Do you need more tips about getting your house ready to sell? Contact information for reliable renovation contractors is available by simply emailing us and asking for our Vendor List. Email us at


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