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Local Business Spotlight: Clean Start Pressure Washing

Updated: May 26, 2022

This month we are speaking with Ioane Palakiko, owner of Clean Start Pressure Washing. Helping homeowners and business owners in Portland give their properties a clean start is the focus of this hardworking entrepreneur.

Phil: How did you come to start a power washing business?

Ioane: My wife and I decided to move our family from Kona, Hawaii (the big island), where I was born and raised, to Portland four years ago. We were looking for new opportunities for our three kids. While working a day job, I wanted to start a side business and found pressure washing to be something that was in great need, fun, and had a relatively easy barrier-to-entry. So I researched it over a year and eventually bought my equipment and practiced by offering free services for churches and some friends' houses.

Phil: How did you find business as a new business owner in a new state?

Ioane: The two ways that I grew my business was word of mouth and social media. I am involved in my church and I also have a passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu so both communities have been really supportive. As word got out, I have worked with several Realtors preparing houses for sale, homeowners cleaning off sidewalks, houses, fences, etc., and business owners who need to keep their businesses looking sharp.

Phil: I bought a pressure washer a while back but found that it is not as easy to clean my driveway as I thought. Any tips?

Ioane: Yes anyone can buy a light-duty power washer and start spraying but there is so much more to it. Just like anyone can spend hours washing and cleaning their car, but when you take it to a detail shop you can see the difference. Anyone can cook a meal, but it probably won't taste or look the same as when a Michelin Star Chef makes the same meal. People hire me because I have the expertise and equipment to get the job done. A lot of people find that if they power wash something with too much pressure they can take off paint or otherwise make a mess of whatever they are trying to clean. Everyone thinks it is about high pressure, but it's more about the solutions I use, with low pressure.

Phil: What's in the future for Clean Start and how can people get a hold of you for the Summer?

Ioane: Things have been great so far. I'm looking to expand services. I currently offer gutter cleaning, gutter brightening, concrete cleaning, deck cleaning, house washing, fence cleaning and anything else someone might need cleaned up. This time of year decks and driveways need a good washing after the Winter. I can make them all look like new. I'm really grateful for all the community support as I started this for my family to have more opportunities. I take great pride in my work and look forward to helping many more people with their homes and businesses. Please reach out to me for a free bid on the work you'd like to get done. I'm happy to come out and talk with you about your project. You can call me at 808-769-9817 or email me at Cleanstartpdx@yahoo dot com. Mahalo!

Follow Clean Start Pressure Washing on Instagram: Clean_start_pdx and on Facebook: @cleanstartpdx 808-769-9817


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