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Local Business Spotlight: ComeUnityPDX

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

This month we are speaking with Nell Bostwick, owner of ComeUnityPDX. This local business sells stylish gear to show your neighborhood pride, and provides a space to come together for the benefit of the community.

Phil: ComeUnityPDX is a really interesting concept, how did it come about?

Nell: Well, after 25 years of corporate retail experience, I was ready to be a part of a business that lead with giving back. I’m a Portland native and I'm really passionate about our neighborhoods. In 2019 I started working on the concept of a community space – for the community, by the community, to give back to the community. A place where you can find some unique gear that supports neighborhood pride and overall good vibes, as wells as a space where the community can come together, and where we can shine a spotlight on artists that we might not see elsewhere. Just an overall fun, approachable space for all.

Phil: I love that idea of showcasing artists in our community that are still small or starting out.

Nell: Yes, artists that might be extremely talented but not doing art as their main gig, and even youth artists from the local schools. I really want the business to be a vessel for good. We also sell neighborhood-centric apparel and art, where 15% of all sales go to local charities.

Phil: That’s really generous; which charities do you support?

Nell: The Oregon Food Bank is one that is very important to me. Hunger is the root cause for many of the issues Oregonians are dealing with. Ninety-four percent of funds go back into the program there, so I really like that we can make a big impact with our donations. For example, for every t-shirt we sell, we’re providing about 12 meals through Oregon Food Bank. We sell “Multnomah Rocks” t-shirts and tote bags that help Neighborhood House as well.

Phil: We are big partners with Neighborhood House too! We put on a coat drive, food drive, and this month we are actually having our Ice Cream Sandwich Fundraiser for them as well. How has it been being a new business in Multnomah Village so far?

Nell: Things are going great! We launched our website in October of 2020 and for a few months online sales were the only way people could support the cause. Then in early December we found this space across from the Key Bank and opened up the shop in only two weeks! Traffic and orders are up. When people find us up here on Troy Street, they are excited to see we are here and have been very supportive. I love seeing folks in a Multnomah hoodie or a PDX tee walking down the street. I know it’s creating pride for our neighborhoods and giving back where it’s needed. We’re excited to keep providing opportunities for everyone to support our neighborhoods and beyond!

ComeUnityPDX is at 3536 SW Troy St, Ste B, Portland. 503.477.6661

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