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Local Business Spotlight: Dairy Hill

We had the opportunity to interview Uri Kushner, owner of Dairy Hill Ice Cream. Dairy Hill is SW Portland's neighborhood ice cream shop taking you back to another time while focusing on locally sourced products and flavors.

Phil: Hi Uri, thanks for talking with us today. How did Dairy Hill get started?

Uri: We opened our first location in Hillsdale in 2015. There had been a Baskin&Robbins by OnPoint for about five decades and another local ice cream shop before that. There's a long history in Hillsdale and SW Portland for the last 75 years, of local ice cream parlors serving the community, and when B&R closed down I didn't want my kids to grow up without one.

Phil: How did you come up with the name Dairy Hill Ice Cream?

Uri: I really wanted the shop to represent the community, so I went to the Oregon Historical Society and did a ton of research on the area. I found out that the area from Hillsdale to Tualatin was owned by 14 Swiss families with dairy farms. Alpenrose is one of those original farms. Starting the business in Hillsdale, I combined the words to come up with Dairy Hill.

Phil: One of the things I love about Dairy Hill is the retro vibe. What other things differentiate you from other ice cream shops today?

Uri: We focus on partnering with local dairies and businesses in our community. Because of this, our flavors change from season to season and there is always something new to discover at the shop. We also make sure that everyone can enjoy it, with lactose-free ice cream, gluten-free waffle cones, and even vegan options. You can't have a child come in and be disappointed. It defeats the purpose of being the neighborhood ice cream shop!

Phil: How have these times been for the business?

Uri: Business has been slower this Summer, but we are thankful to be a place that connects the community and provides some relief and a feeling of normalcy after everything. We are not letting customers into the shop yet as we continue to provide a safe environment for everyone, but we are open for take-out every day from 1-9 pm and we just opened our third location, in West Linn, and they are open every day 12-9 pm. Our ice cream cakes are very popular as well, for birthdays and celebrations, so we are doing our little part to help families celebrate their wins.

You can find Dairy Hill Ice Cream at 6352 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland. Visit for more info.


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