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Local Business Spotlight: Dogville Playcare

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

This month we are speaking with Natasha Busse, Owner of Dogville Playcare. Dogville is a partnership between two local moms to create a safe place where dogs can learn and play.

Phil: Congratulations on your recent one-year anniversary! How did you decide to start a doggy daycare?

Natasha: Thank you! I was providing boarding and daycare out of my house for four-plus years and I just grew too big for the space. I was taking care of so many dogs that I had a professional dog walker and trainer taking my personal dogs for a walk. She is an amazing trainer and we both needed more space to do what we love. So that is how my business partner, Stephanie Lenny, and I decided to open Dogville Playcare across from Gabriel Park. We opened in June 2020. Just two weeks ago I opened another location called Dogville On Barbur, located at 9155 SW Barbur Boulevard in Portland.

Phil: That's great to hear you have already expanded. What is Dogville doing differently than other daycares?

Natasha: One of the biggest differences with Dogville is that we believe it's important to actually BE with the dogs. A lot of places just let the dogs run around unattended, but we are interacting with the dogs the whole time. Even with boarding, there are many places that leave the dogs alone at night, maybe with cameras or something, but dogs that board with us have someone always with them. We really think of our 'clients' as the dogs. Dogs don't lie, so if they are happy coming in everyday, we're doing something right! We only practice positive reinforcement training - no aversive technics. We just want to provide a safe, fun place for the dogs to come and play.

Phil: So you offer overnight boarding too?

Natasha: Yes, at both locations we offer daycare, boarding, group classes, private lessons, and indoor and outdoor play areas. At the Dogville On Barbur location, we also have professional grooming! We have two groomers, and one specializes in small dogs 30 pounds or less. We also offer a separate space inside and outside for the little dogs and Senior dogs. We also have a retail space for treats and training.

Phil: What advice do you have for dog owners?

Natasha: The Pandemic has caused a lot of people to get dogs this last year because they were stuck at home. These dogs are called "Pandemic Puppies" because they don't know anything else other than having a family 24 hours a day. When people start going back to work now there will be a lot of dogs with separation anxiety, and unwanted behaviors to go with it. So have a plan for what you are going to do with the dog during the day because not thinking ahead about that is going to be hard on the dog.

Dogville Playcare is at 4425 SW Vermont St, Portland. 503.442.3809 - More Info at


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