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Local Business Spotlight: Mad Sass Soap Co.

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

This month we are speaking with Naomi Heedt, owner of Mad Sass Soap Company. This local artisanal skincare and soap shop is quickly getting national attention for their amazing products.

Phil: Thanks for talking with us today, can you tell us about how Mad Sass Soap Co. got started?

Naomi: My family and I moved back to Portland about five years ago after our twins were born. My daughter has eczema and after bath time we would have to lather her up with all kinds of lotions. She would be really greasy before bedtime and the products we were using weren't working. So Mad Sass was started from me wanting to help her with a more natural product.

Phil: When did you start the business?

Naomi: I started it about three years ago. While the kids were sleeping I would be researching, reading, and making the products in my basement. My first product was a body butter actually. For the first two years I would sell my products at the Portland Night Market, and every other market, festival, or farmers market I could get into. Often my husband would be at one and I at another!

Phil: I like the name, sounds like you're representing strong independent women. How did you come up with it?

Naomi: Ha! A lot of people make that connection. Actually it is a mashup of the nicknames I call my girls, Maddie Moo and Sassy Sue.

Phil: Oh, well now I like it even more! But you don't only make soaps and body butters right? What else do you make?

Naomi: We make lots of great beauty, bath, health, hygiene, and skin care products. In fact, one of our most popular products is our shampoo and conditioner bars because they have no plastic in them and last as long as about two and a half bottles of shampoo. Our candles and lotions are also very popular, and we are about to come out with some exciting options for daily living. Those will include odor-neutralizing room spray, a deodorant, and a more natural dish soap block for dishwashers.

Phil: Wow! I'm impressed you could do all of this in three years, and open a shop during the pandemic?

Naomi: I'm fortunate to have a very supportive husband, and I work about 80 hours a week as everything is still made by hand. Starting the shop during the pandemic was not expected of course but we have been really lucky to have good word-of-mouth and the SW Portland community that cares about our success. We also were very lucky in the beginning of the pandemic to be picked up by a social-media influencer in Illinois that helped sales when we needed it most. People are really responding to the idea that our consumable, affordable, and self-care oriented products are a great way to take care of ourselves and others during these times.

Phil: Have you been able to support the community since you have opened the store?

Naomi: Yes, I am humbled at how much support we have had here in Multnomah Village. When you do things by hand it is nice when people show their support for your business. I like to donate any soap left after the holidays to Rose Haven Day Shelter for Women and Children. When we had the fires, I donated soap and hygiene products to the Firefighters. I'm so grateful for a business that allows me to give back.

Mad Sass Soap Co. is located at 7858 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland. 503-894-8063

More Info can be found at


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