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Local Business Spotlight: Village Kids Supply Co.

This month we are speaking with Theresa Shire, Owner of Village Kids Supply Co. A shop for kids pre-worn fashion, benefitting people, planet, and pets; located in the heart of Multnomah Village.

Phil: Village Kids Supply has a really unique business model. Can you tell us how it came about?

Theresa: We opened a little over three years ago. My background was in working for nonprofits like the Humane Society, so I knew I wanted to have a business that gives back. Animals are important to me, but I really wanted to help the Earth and our community too. Every quarter we choose three local charities to support in the areas of people, pets, and planet. We then give 1% of every sale to a charity. With every purchase, customers receive a marble to vote on which charity they want to support.

Phil: I really like that model, letting the customers choose where their donations go.

Theresa: Yes, it has worked out really well. We also print information about the charity you pick on the receipt so customers can learn more about them and get more involved if wanted. This month we are showcasing Feed The Mass, which provides free Chef-driven meals to anyone in need of food, nourishment, care, and community. For Pets, we are supporting Start Rescue, which buys a seat on a bus for dogs in kill shelters in California and Texas. They then bus them to Portland where there is a need for more dogs to adopt. For planet, we are supporting Earth Sticker, which sells stickers and apparel to support other Earth causes. Come in and get a free sticker!

Phil: As a relatively new business, how has the last few years changed the business for you?

Theresa: We were the first business in Multnomah Village to shut down last Summer because we serve children ages 0-16. We were able to move our business online during the shutdown and when we were able to reopen, we moved our online store to Facebook Marketplace because it was too much for now. We'll be back online soon but one can find our available items by searching "Village Kids Supply" in Facebook Marketplace. Business has been very strong after the shutdown, as our donations are way up. Now that we're back open, we have not stopped wearing masks, disinfecting everything, using air filters, etc. We want to keep our customers and kids safe.

Phil: What has been the key to success for Village Kids Supply through these tough times?

Theresa: The SW Portland community is amazing. I'm also blessed with an amazing staff. I'm a Mom first and choose to keep the shop small. I've worked hard; we just got a washer and dryer which is exciting! I hauled laundry home every night for the last three years but now we can do it here at the shop! Also I think our customers see that we care about making a difference. There are many great things donated but not everything can be re-sold. We don't send anything we can't sell to Goodwill though. We give it to any non-profit we can help out. We're trying to support the public schools clothing closets and we really make an effort to keep things out of the landfill. If anyone has an organization they would like us to donate clothes to, please let us know! We are having our Summer Sale from August 1-21st for Multnomah Days. Come stop by and say hi!

Village Kids Supply is at 7832 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland. 971.808.8466 -


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