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Local Business Spotlight: Wally & Son Automotive

This month we are speaking with Jamie Jergensen, Service Advisor and daughter to owner Keith Jergensen of Wally & Son Automotive Service and Repair. A three-generation family-owned and operated business in SW Portland who's #1 goal is always "to fix it right the first time".

Phil: Wally and Son Automotive has been serving the SouthWest Portland community for a really long time. How did the business get started?

Jamie: My Grandfather is Wally. He started his garage back in 1968, back when they would be full service gas stations. They would pump your gas and do several other things at the same time. He actually had two locations in Southwest Portland, one by Jesuit High School where the 7 Eleven is now, and another by Fred Meyers on Canyon Road. In 1984 he switched to all automotive and we have been in this same location since. My Dad, Keith, and I run the business now; funny enough both of us have been working here since we were kids. In 2012, after having my son, I came back to be the Service Advisor and General Manager. I'm often the one helping customers understand what's going on with their car and how we can help.

Phil: Public perception can have honest and experienced auto mechanics and real estate agents both striving to separate themselves from those who aren't. How do you go about that in your industry?

Jamie: Our motto here is "to fix it right the first time". The biggest thing is reputation, and from years of hard work and service we've developed a reputation for solving repairs that were ongoing with other shops. We don't ask for reviews but we've developed so many happy customers over the years that Channel 12 News' Behind The Wheel segment, has come out a few times to talk with us about automotive topics.

Phil: I was referred to you by a family member as well and I noticed the difference from other shops. What else should our community know about working with Wally & Son Automotive?

Jamie: We are a great place to do maintenance items such as oil changes, tires, batteries, etc. There are other companies that specialize in these things but with us you often get a better value. Our prices are competitive but our parts are of a higher quality and tend to last longer. We still offer a 41 point inspection by a certified technician, just like the old full service station days. So even if you're just getting your oil changed or tires rotated, your whole car is being looked after. On top of that, we love having a family feel in the shop. Lot's of customers stop by to talk and hang out. We love it!

Wally & Son Automotive is at 9650 SW Canyon Rd, Portland. 503.292.1626 - More info at

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