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The Connection between School Districts and Home Value

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

If you’re on the market for a new home, you’re probably weighing your decision on factors like square footage, proximity to urban and town centers, and/or a good neighborhood. These are things that you may be considering as you think of your lifestyle, but they are also factors that will help you build equity and sell the home in the future. This is why, even if you don’t have or are not planning to have children in the near future, you should add school district to that list.

Why are school districts so important when it comes to real estate? For starters, buying a home in a good school district most likely means you’ll be living in a nicer neighborhood. This translates to safer communities, lots of options for you to do your groceries, go out to eat, amenities like parks, public transportation, etc.

Don’t underestimate the connection between school districts and home value. Home prices can go up or down based on a number of factors but a good school district will act as an anchor and provide some stability. Neighborhoods located in a good school district will have better reputations and higher demand. You may not be planning to move soon; after all, most people buy a home and plan to live there long term. However, plans change and you’ll be thankful if the market shifts but resaleablity remains strong for your neighborhood.

Having a sense of which school districts fit this description takes knowledge of the area. If you’re new to Southwest Portland, you may not know where to start, so here’s a list of the best school districts in the Portland area:

  • Riverdale School District

  • Lake Oswego School District

  • West-Linn Wilsonville School District

  • Beaverton School District

  • Camas School District

  • Sherwood School District

Contact us for more information about which schools, neighborhoods, and areas might best fit your needs as a home buyer. Also don't forget to attend our FREE monthly Home Buying Seminar where we go over more detail about buying in the Portland Metro area. You can sign up for the class here.


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