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Should You Wait to Buy in Portland's Housing Market?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

A family member, who is interested in buying a home in the near future, sent me an article by The Atlantic titled, "Why You Should Wait Out the Wild Housing Market". You can read the article here. Whether you should jump into the market to buy a home, or wait until things cool-off, is a question every buyer has right now. When we see headlines like the one above, it is easy to stop asking that question and just take the statement as the answer to end all answers...after all it does come from a credible source right? We have to assume the staff writer did their due diligence on the subject and interviewed experts in the matter, and then had their Publisher look it if that's the title...I probably should wait, right?!

In this video I discuss why the national headlines and articles on real estate are not a great source for helping you make the best decisions in your home-buying or home-selling journey here in the Portland housing market. I'll show you where we get our (Real Estate Brokers) statistics here in Portland, where you can get them, and why they differ from national statistics that the authors of national publications use.

If you have any questions or comments please message me; I'm happy to discuss more about where we see the Portland Metro real estate market going, and how we can help you successfully compete and win your dream home...and build some fast equity with this fast market!

If you are ready to buy a home and want to learn how to be more competitive in today's real estate market, or just want to learn more about the buying process, join us for our monthly home buying class here!

All the Best,

Phil Evans



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