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Local Business Spotlight: Vega Massage

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This month we are speaking with Nikki Vega, owner of Vega Massage. She offers 

specialized massage sessions that focus on supporting individuals with their wellness goals.

Jesse: What inspired you to become a massage therapist?

 Nikki: When I was a teen, I was in a car accident leading to neck pain and a knee reconstruction. This incident exposed me to the benefits of massage, chiropractic care, and physical therapy. Witnessing the body's ability to heal itself through these therapeutic practices inspired me to learn more about the body and living a healthy lifestyle. Years later, when I was pregnant with twins and looking for a way to support my family. I knew I needed something flexible, but something to feed my spirit as well. Fortunately, I found my way to massage school where I fell in love with the body. 


Nikki Vega from Vega Massage
Nikki Vega from Vega Massage

Jesse: What type of massage do you specialize in?

Nikki: I specialize in three main areas within my work:

  • Restorative relaxation.

  • Relief from aches and pains.

  • Recovery from an accident or injury.


My work is a blend of life experience and education in women's health, nutrition, and various massage modalities. My passion is teaming up with women to help them feel awesome and live their best lives. Over the years, I've worked side by side with chiropractors, physical therapists, fitness coaches, and worked at spas, adopting an integrative massage approach. I customize each session by blending various modalities to align with my client’s treatment goals. My techniques range from deep tissue, myofascial release, to relaxing Swedish, and a unique Ashiatsu Barefoot massage. 


Jesse: How do you differentiate your technique from other massage therapists?

Nikki: I see massage therapy as a tool we can use to restore health, wholeness, and balance. My job is to encourage conversation between you and your body. To support what’s already working and remove barriers to the natural healing process. Bodies heal more quickly and fully when they're relaxed. I always aim to make my client as comfortable as possible–so the body can settle in and feel safe enough to heal.


Jesse: How can the community help you grow your business?

Nikki: I appreciate referrals. If you know someone experiencing pain or in need of a relaxing massage, think of Vega Massage. Also, if you’re a business owner please reach out and introduce yourself. I enjoy making new connections to better assist my clients with local referrals. Plus, I'm always up for participating in events. I believe meeting new people in the community contributes to building a stronger community overall.

Jesse: For people who just want to be healthy and relax, how often do they usually get


Nikki: There isn’t really one routine that works for everyone. Everybody is different. If your primary goal is relaxation and stress reduction, a massage once a month could be enough. If you're an athlete or lead an active lifestyle, a massage every 1-2 weeks may work best. In cases of acute pain or injury, a series of massages over a short period can provide intensive pain relief. Individuals who spend long hours at a desk may benefit from a biweekly or monthly massage. Receiving a massage every 4-6 weeks could be a great preventive strategy to help address potential issues before they become a bigger problem. I recommend everyone listens to their body and does what they need and can do to feel their best.

You can contact Nikki Vega at 503-504-2388 or


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