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LBS: Hood Valley Pest Management

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

This month we are meeting with Tyler Jones, owner of Hood Valley Pest Management, a local family-operated company that looks to build relationships of trust and results with their customers.

Phil: How did you get started in pest management?

Tyler: I got into the industry back in 2016. I was the first employee for another pest management company and I was lucky to receive good mentoring on how to do the job right the first time. After being in the job for a while, I found that I really liked it. It is fun to drive around, meet new clients, solve new problems, and be the guy to “save the day." When people call me it is usually because they need me to come out as soon as possible. I really enjoy making a difference and learning new skills.

Phil: What made you go out on your own?

Tyler: I think it was a necessity for me. I have goals that I didn't feel I'd be able to achieve by staying an employee. I finally had to make the jump to start my own company. Because I have the experience, it has given me a lot of confidence to go out on my own. I started out servicing the homes of my friends and family whose support in the beginning was very helpful.

Phil: What kind of pests do people call you about?

Tyler: The majority of what I treat are ants, spiders, wasps and rodents. I can also do treatments for other general household pests like carpet beetles, fleas, silverfish, cockroaches etc... I don't do moles, birds, wildlife or bedbugs currently, however, there are other companies I can refer for those services.

Phil: How much do you charge to get rid of pests, and is it a one-time thing or reoccurring?

Tyler: I do one-time treatments as well as reoccurring maintenance plans and the cost is based on the square footage of the home. Inspections are usually $100 for the service call to identify potential or current pest issues, and if the client chooses to proceed with the treatment, I will credit that inspection fee towards the remainder of the cost. Most people choose to be on the quarterly maintenance plan which is where I service the home once every three months and include a warranty where they can call me back between services at no charge. I usually say it's like having pest insurance for your home. The maintenance is intended to be a preventative service that includes removing spider webs and paper wasp nests, spraying for pests on the exterior of the house and includes rodent prevention as well. One of the most important things in my own business is building relationships with my clients. They like to know who is coming out to their house and who they will be working with. I want to be a trusted and valuable resource for them and someone they are happy to refer to others who may need my services. Call me with any questions about your pest control needs!

Hood Valley Pest Management can be reached at 503.866.2763


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