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Portland Pizzerias That Make Us America's #1 Pizza City

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

We already know there are so many interesting things happening in Portland’s food scene. Our multicultural city has become the grounds for some pretty innovative experimentation in cuisine. When it comes to pizza, it has set a standard in several different styles, which means you will not only find the best of the best here, you’ll get an opportunity to try different takes, from the very traditional to pizzas that ditch the sauce to highlight the flavor of their local and seasonal vegetables or handmade mozzarella. So much so that even Bloomberg recently verified that, yes, we are the best pizza city in America. Sorry, New York!

So as Portland locals and lovers of pizza we thought we would bring you some recommendations, in no particular order, of pizzas you can’t miss in our city.

Apizza Scholls (time-honored pizzeria from Brian Spangler)

Scottie's Pizza Parlor (Simple, well-crafted, delicious)

Ken's Artisan Pizza (Long fermented dough, hand-stretched mozzarella, Italian tomatoes, and excellent toppings)

Nostrana (Simple food from honest ingredients. Pure, regional, Italian)

Ranch PDX, NW 21st (Serving square pies in Portland since 2017)

Precious Pizza (Latinx owned Grandma Style Pan Pizza)

Pizza Thief (naturally leavened dough with a precise combination of sourdough and whole grains)

Red Sauce Pizza (Craft pizza & calzone shop with distinctive toppings)

Lovely’s Fifty Fifty (Organic and locally sourced ingredients)

Pizzeria Otto (top-notch traditional soft-crust Neapolitan pies)

Pop Pizza (Detroit Style Pizza, Natural Wine, Beer, Salads)


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